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The G.C. Lucas Gallery has been privileged, since 1994, to represent some of America’s best trained and most gifted artists. They have excelled in their studies at such prestigious institutions as the Art Students League of New York, Lyme Academy, Corcoran School of Art, Atelier Lack and other important schools and universities. Many currently teach in workshops and art schools throughout the country. Their styles vary from loose, painterly, and plein air to tighter, more precise forms of  realism produced in the studio.

The gallery also represents the estates of famed Hoosier artists and includes in its collections national and regional works including American Regionalist, Brown County School, Richmond School and Hoosier Group paintings.

About the Artists

Representing American Fine Artists


TITLE: Behind the Village

ARTIST: William J. Forsyth

MEDIUM: Oil/canvas

SIZE: 18x24

PRICE: $32,000

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